MysTea stands out for its quality products, its specialization in tea but also for its extraordinary customer service. Let us introduce you to the artisans of our company.


Anne is the beloved owner and boss of the business. She takes care of everything related to the management of the company.


Marc is the co-owner of the company. He takes care of, among other things, suppliers and international relations and moreover the organization of events.


Nicole takes care of everything related to the production of iced tea to be able to serve you our Bubble Mystea.


Émie takes care of everything related to points of sale. She is a cheerful person who listens to her peers.


Émile takes care of everything related to inventory management and delivery of orders from businesses or
of individuals.


Annabelle est le soleil de notre équipe! Avec son visage toujours souriant, elle apporte de la bonne humeur à tous!

Pour la contacter:


Félix is ​​the calm of our team! With his gentle and calm character, he balances the team wonderfully. Customers love it!


Avec son accueil chaleureux et son caractère enjoué, Laurie apporte de l'énergie à toute l'équipe!


Discrète, douce et aimable, on peut toujours compter sur l'efficacité de Jolyane!